Building Use Guidelines

Guidelines for Use of Facilities Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd

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  1. All requests for space must be made or confirmed in writing, using the form provided.  All ongoing requests will be renewed annually in September of each year.

  2. Users should make one visit to see space desired. This will also aid in determination of needs.

  3. Each group must sign a contract for space rental and a waiver and release of liability. Each group must secure its own insurance and provide The Church of the Good Shepherd with a Certificate of Insurance that provides a limit of liability of at least $1,000,000.

  4. The attached schedule of fees applies to all building use. We estimate that it costs the parishioners of the Church of the Good Shepherd about $32.00 an hour for building use, which includes utilities, insurance, maintenance and repairs, and janitorial services.In addition, rising fuel costs might necessitate an adjustment in fees in the heating months.

  5. Exceptions to fees are at the discretion of the Rector.  Due to the cost of building space and heating costs in the winter months, contributions for the use of space most thankfully received.

  6. If the space is provided at a reduced rate or donated, the user is expected to leave the space in as clean a condition as possible, with all paper and garbage properly disposed of, and lights turned off and doors secured at the end of the use.

  7. Janitorial services for users are $18.00 per hour, with a one-hour minimum charge.  This includes set-up and clean up.

  8. Coffee, other refreshments, and containers, etc. must be provided by the user.  For ongoing use, arrangements may be made with the parish office for storage space.

  9. Needs for set-up, space and services must be finally determined no later than one week prior to the event. Changes cannot be made after this time.

  10. The Director of Music must approve use of organs and pianos.

  11. Church nave and chancel and chapel furnishings will remain in their usual Sunday configuration unless previously arranged with the Rector.

  12. Payment for the use of Good Shepherd facilities and services will be made one week in advance.

  13. Absolutely no food or drinks allowed in the church or chapel without explicit permission given ahead of time.

  14. The facility is a non-smoking facility. There is absolutely no smoking in the building.

  15. If alcohol is served, it must have prior approval.  All local, state, and federal laws concerning alcohol use (including age limits and ID requirements) must be observed.

  16. There is a $400.00 deposit fee for non-parishioners, and $150.00 deposit fee for parishioners. In the event of a cancellation with less than 48 hours notice or the renter is a no-show, this deposit will be forfeited.

  17. If clean up needs to be done after the event (and it has not been arranged in advance), a clean-up charge at the rate of $20.00 per hour will be deducted.

  18. The users shall be responsible for any security protection needed.  In addition, the user shall pay all taxes, fees, or other government charges resulting for the use of the space, with the Church of the Good Shepherd in no way responsible.

  19. The users and guests shall at all times conduct themselves in a manner keeping with the character of a house of worship building, and shall obey all laws, regulations and ordinances affecting the Church property or the use of space.  This includes a no-smoking policy AT ALL TIMES.

  20. The users and guests of property of the Church of the Good Shepherd are reminded of the Episcopal Church’s policy that all persons are welcome without regard to age, race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, nationality, religion or creed.  Deviations from this policy must have the approval of the Rector for space use.


Jewett Hall, Mears Hall, Smith Hall

One half day or evening                                                    $250.00
Full day, morning and afternoon                                  $400.00
Full day plus evening                                                         $600.00

Maintenance fees

30 chairs and 3 or less tables                                          $  25.00
35-100 chairs and 3 or less tables                                $  50.00
over 100 chairs and over 10 tables                              $  100.00
Clean-up (dinners, receptions, etc.)    $18.00 per hour if arranged in advance;

$20.00 per hour if not arranged in advance.

Hospitality fees

Coffee, tea set-ups; tablecloths, newsprint and other materials, Will Quote

Church or Chapel Use

The Church or Chapel is not rented.  Use requires approval by the Rector.